Our environmental commitment

At Azulev we are committed to and aware of the environment. We are very aware of the importance of good environmental management for our environment and we wanted to tell you about it in detail in this article. And although you can find information about it on our website, we wanted to create a special content where we talk about the importance for our company of adopting special measures to prevent pollution by reducing polluting emissions, among other things.

Are ceramics a respectful product?

Ceramic is an environmentally friendly material. This material is made of: water, earth, or clay. But we do not say that it is environmentally friendly only because of that, but also because many ceramic products are made from recycled elements.

However, depending on the specific production processes carried out by each company, the facilities, the manufacturing process, etc., ceramic products generate certain emissions into the air, water and soil, or others.

As in all industries, the type and amount of air pollution depends on different factors, which are mainly the fuel used, the material and the production method.

What we do to reduce emissions and pollution

We would like to highlight some of our actions:

  • The raw materials we transport from the mine to the processing plant are transported in bulk, so we avoid packaging the materials, thus generating much less toxic waste.
  • 70% of the construction and demolition waste that we generate as a company is destined for reuse, recovery and recycling. The remaining 30% is sent to a controlled landfill, i.e. a deposit in which the soil is completely sealed, there are leachate channelling systems and pipes that collect the biogas that is formed inside.
  • The heat generated in the mixing of the materials is then used in the spray dryer. What is left over is converted into electrical energy and fed back into the grid. This saves energy.

What certificates we have

We have the following certificates:

  • ISO 9001: is the internationally recognised standard for quality management systems.
  • ISO 14001: is the identification and management of environmental risks associated with a company’s internal processes.
  • Environmental Product Declaration for Porcelain and Porosa: is a voluntary identification system carried out by the company to show information related to the environmental performance of the product. This declaration makes it possible to highlight environmentally friendly products.
  • The AAI (Integrated Environmental Authorisation): is the authorisation given to companies that carry out activities or implement technologies that contribute to the reduction of water, energy, fuel, etc. consumption. In general, they reduce environmental pollution.

Our challenges

Our challenges for the future are clear: to carry out continuous improvement processes to improve as a company in our actions regarding the environment.

We are a Spanish company that manufactures floor and wall coverings with the aim of building a sustainable world, a goal we will continue to keep in mind in the future.

Legislation has made it a priority to gradually reduce our carbon footprint, and we as a company support these measures and therefore do not cease our research into improving and reducing emissions in the short term.

One of the products that represents our commitment is SLIMRECT, a collection that you can find in different textures and colours and which is also environmentally friendly because it reduces emissions and waste.

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