It’s a more manageable, lighter, more ecological and easier to install product.

Design your world. Make it sustainable.

At AZULEV we are committed to the need to incorporate into our activities a permanent commitment to respect and protect the environment, directing our efforts towards making our processes and products more sustainable every day.

Our permanent commitment leads us to identify and evaluate the environmental impacts derived from our activities and products, with the aim of reducing them by adopting sustainable environmental management planning and procedures.

6mm thickness (White body) 7mm thickness (Porcelain)
It allows to place it on other materials without having to remove the debris.
Reduction of the time of execution of the work
It is not necessary to remove the old material to place the new ones.
Without having to remove the debris.
It allows to place it on other materials
Easy to cut, punch and handle
Low thickness makes it a lighter material
Reduces storage space
The same boxes can hold more square meters, more pieces and with less weight
Reduction in transport costs
More goods can be transported in the same trip
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