Success in Cevisama 2016

Success in Cevisama 2016



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From 1st to 5th of February, the most important event in ceramics sector was celebrated at Feria Valencia, a showcase of reference in ceramic tile, bathroom and kitchen equipment, raw materials, frits, glazes and machinery. With the slogan 'Time to feel', the event invites visitors to feel, touch and see the latest trends of this year.

On this occasion, from Azulev Grupo we presented some novelties:

With the intention of expanding our new 40x120 white paste coating format, we incorporate to our range of products 'Blancos', by Azulev. We add a white glow, a unique piece that brings light, cleanliness and elegance, and a white matte, in order to supply markets that prefer this type of finish.

Blancos Azulev

We also launch ‘Frame’ , an innovative and avant-garde series, born from the mixture of manuals and textiles cements, decorated with various cloth-like textures and a soft structure. The collection is rectified in the 29x89 white paste coating format, available in colours white, pearl and ivory, and 59x59 porcelain format, pearl and ivory.

Frame Azulev

In addition, we extend ‘Síntesis’ series in 30x60 and 60x60 formats in porcelain. Because of its simplicity and low shade variation, this collection is suitable for all styles and can be installed in both modern and minimalist environments. Its colours are ivory and pearl.

Síntesis Azulev

To our large format 40x120 rectified white paste coating, we add ‘Motion’ series, a cement with mineral textures, granite and marble dust. These materials, mixed together, become a perfect, harmonious and appealing integration. The finish is silky and the colors are very light: white and pearl.

Motion AzulevFor Sanchís brand, we launch ‘Groove’, a fusion of highly integrated cotto cement and with a silky matte finish. It has a spatulated structure, very well defined in 20x50 red paste coating format. With a cold combination of white and gray colours, and another warm, of ivory and mocha tones, we can get different combinations and cover many markets.

Groove Sanchis

Sincro’ is a very soft stone veined with many possibilities. This elegant stone from Central Europe was already used in the construction of buildings in Roman times. The format 25x75 red paste coating, coordinated with 45x45 porcelain, is available in pearl, gray and ivory.

Sincro Sanchis