Rocersa Group receives the International Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label Certificate

  • Rocersa Group, made up of the Rocersa, Azulev and Sanchis Hôme brands, is the first Spanish ceramic company to obtain Solar Impulse certification for its Slimrect & Viker sustainable product ranges.
    Currently, there are only 3 ceramic companies in the world that have the ecolabel.
  • At Azulev we are proud to announce that, after successfully passing rigorous assessments by external and independent experts, we have been awarded the Efficient Solution label by the Solar Impulse Foundation, which aims to identify clean, efficient and cost-effective solutions that demonstrate that ecology is fundamental to achieving a more sustainable world and economy.

This certificate recognises all the investments we have been making year after year to contribute to reducing the environmental impact of our production processes. Thanks to this, we can affirm that we are a company that is firmly committed to the need to incorporate into our activities a permanent commitment to respect and protect the environment, directing our efforts towards making our processes and products more sustainable every day.

The ecolabel refers to our “Slimrect” product range, characterised mainly by its versatility and ease of use, but above all by its manufacturing process in accordance with environmental standards and our Ecolifestyle philosophy.

Slimrect is the name of our product collection developed in thin thickness, both in the porcelain tile and in the wall tile family. The properties of this product range stand out mainly because of the number of improvements and advantages for our end customer, in terms of labour and transport, and for the environment, because of its enormous impact on the different production sections:

  • We need less fuel consumption time for its manufacture.
  • We reduce the use of inks.
  • We obtain improvements in logistics.
  • We reduce the use of non-hazardous waste in product packaging such as cardboard, wood, plastic and film.
  • We have the possibility of introducing twice as many pieces per box, thanks to its thinness and, therefore, we transport more product in fewer journeys, thus reducing CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases.
  • We make the debris removal process easier for our end customer.

In addition, at Azulev we reuse the leftovers from the production process to convert them into the raw material for our new products in order to reduce waste. In the same way, we recover the energy derived from the ovens, using it in the dryers to minimise the consumption of natural gas and the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Our next step in reducing our carbon footprint is to incorporate new solutions that support a circular economy and a sustainable future for our planet.