Azulev visits Cersaie 2016

Azulev visits Cersaie 2016



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As we announced a few weeks ago, Cersaie 2016, the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings, opens its doors. From Azulev Grupo, we have prepared some novelties for the occasion. Are you going to miss it?


Azulev brand presents, as a great novelty in Cersaie 2016, SlimRect, an innovative concept, a safe bet for the future and a synonym of differentitation. We have developed a very diverse format, a 25x65 in rectified white body with a thickness of 6 mm, SlimRect. It's unique and brings together many effective concepts. Due to its dimension, and having an intermediate size, it brings a lot of versatility. Because of its slimness, it's ecological, and it respects the environment, generating fewer emissions and less waste. It also has lower transport and logistics costs, and for the trade it's easier to handle and more productive. The rectified finish adds distinction and elegance to the collection.



Due to the great reception of the model, we have decided to expand it in the white body, using the formats 40x120 rectified and 25x65 SlimRect. We also include the rectified 59x59 porcelain that can be matched with the wall tiles. Calacatta is one of the most classic trends, which is why it has been and it will be desired by many designers and professionals. Our Calacatta is produced on white body, and it's accompanied by pieces with very integrated veins and other ones more defined. It conveys luxury and elegance. In 40x120 form, it has two finishes, gloss and matt, and it's decorated with Branches relief in both finishes. In 25x65, the finish will be in matt, also accompanied by Branches relief.




Frame is a fusion of manual and textile cements, soft cements decorated with various cloth-like texture and with a soft structure. With it, we have created a bold and different mix. We combine the pieces with a decorative relief, Updown, a base-relief that has the structure of a quartzite and the high relief of a soft spatula effect. We have expanded the collection to the new 25x65 SlimRect format in white body and the colours are white, pearl and ivory. Its matching floor will be in pearl and ivory porcelain 59x59.

Frame Marfil



Since it's a very commercial stone, we incorporate the Síntesis series into the new format 25x25 SlimRect in white body. Due to its simplicity and scarce shade variation, it's adapted to all types of styles. Though it appears classic, it can also be installed in modern and minimalistic environments. Its colours are white, pearl and ivory, and it's decorated with Branches relief. We can match the series with woods 20x120, Wood Emotions and with Síntesis 60x60.

Sintesis Marfil


Progress Marfil

Cements are still in fashion, therefore we have decided to launch Progress, a series aimed at rooms in luxury environments. This collection has a very integrated design and comes with the finish satin matt: the relief adds personality to the range. Its colours are white, pearl and ivory. The Minimum decorative relief comes in three colours and it brings to our thoughts a directional stone. We have a matching floor in 45x45 porcelain.

Progress Perla


Clarity Taupe

Clarity represents simplicity and purity. Once fitted, it gives the room a minimal appearance. There are three plain colours in matt finish, white, ivory and taupe. We decorate it with Hills and Kate relieves and it can be matched with the 20x120 Wood Emotions.

Clarity Marfil


Vernissage Blanco

Inspired by the walls of rooms in old rural houses, we have created Vernissage, in a red body 20x50 format. It's a project in which we can see parts of the brick that are beginning to become dislodged under the layers of the base, together with its wear and deterioration over time. The colours in the series are white, pearl and ivory. We decorate it with the Pyramid Decor in the three shades. We can match it with pearl Hydraulic, multicolour Pattern and porcelain 45x45 ivory Imagine.

Vernissage Marfil


Faenza Marfil

Reproducing early 20th century tiles with a more contemporary touch, we launch the Faenza collection, in a red body 20x50 format. It's a Maiolica concept with a structural base mixing different types, with clays, bricks and stones, adding a finish that combines reflections mixed with matts. We add the Faenza Rettangolo, which is a pre-cut to simulate a 10x25 brick. The collection comes in three colours: white, pearl and ivory. We decorate it with Paris Decor and it can be matched with the Hydraulic series, Pattern and some Sanchis cements.

Faenza Blanco


Brick is a product concept that is still in fashion. Therefore, we wanted to update our 30x60 porcelain range with a new incorporation of this type, with a much softer and more integrated design. We see that brick is very well adhered to the wall and it gives it a more modern appearance and not as rustic as other bricks. It can be matched with Hydraulic and grey Stadium 45x45 porcelain.

Factory Perla


Luxury is a very soft veined stone with a shiny finish, with slight shade variation, veins and cracks of different sizes and colours. The series is developed on a 25x75 red body and is made up of two colours: ivory and mink. It's decorated with Reed relief, which are slightly worn linear tiles, with the Multicolour Primel Decor and the Ivory Lace Decor. It matches with the porcelain Synchro Ivory 45x45.


Discover all these novelties and more in Hall 19, Stand C64-D63. See you!