All about Azulev's new showroom

All about Azulev's new showroom



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The new Azulev showroom is a space where all visitors can discover first hand the collections of the firm, the latest news and trends in ceramics. A space open to the public where you can walk through the environments experiencing what it feels like to be surrounded by design and quality at the same time.

Azulev exhibits its new collections and its most innovative proposals, betting on a range of porcelain floor tiles that can be used both indoors and outdoors to create continuous spaces  (In&Out).

Features of the showroom

inspiración deco

Azulev has created a space with its own identity in 800 square meters. This space has managed to capture the hallmark of the firm that has been in the market for so many years, presenting porcelain tiles and wall and floor coverings with different aesthetics, suitable for different decorative styles.

L'OM Estudio has been the company in charge of the design of the showroom, a studio from Benicasim that has managed to capture the essence of Azulev to transmit it in this special and unique environment.

New ceramic trends 2022 in the showroom

Azulev's new facilities showcase the most successful and innovative ceramic collections of different inspirations, both classic, urban, vintage, sophisticated...

A space where the Outside20 range for exteriors is enhanced with some of the 20 mm porcelain tile ranges especially for exteriors, such as Harlow and Vannes. We talk about both products in more detail:

  • Harlow: available in square format (60x60) and in four available colors (White, Grey, Graphite, Taupe). It is an ideal outdoor collection to create cozy outdoor spaces. 
espacios exteriores acogedores
  • Vannes: ideal for terraces and porches, in different colors (Grey, White, Graphite), gives a great character to the exterior of the house. A special and unique series to turn the surroundings of a house into environments with character. 
terrazas con encanto

Also other series such as Somber and Cappa, or a wood as Patchwood:

  • Somber: is presented in different formats in order to adapt to the needs of different rooms and tastes. It is also available in different tones, in grays with different shades, and even beiges... A collection of cold tones.
baño gris
  • Cappa: a versatile collection, suitable for different spaces, e.g. for bathrooms. It creates clean, elegant and sophisticated spaces and can be found in many different shades.
espacios elegantes
  • PatchwoodThe Patchwood series is one of the collections of imitation wood porcelain tiles available. Available in a single format, but in three colours: Natural, Haya, Nogal.
porcelánico de imitación madera

In addition to these collections, Azulev continues to expand its Slimrect range with the Enya series, a 7mm porcelain tile.

Get inspired in the new Azulev showroom!