Trends in ceramics

Trends in ceramics



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The year 2022 has just started and the information on trends in design, interior design and ceramics is bursting with force. From Azulev we wanted to make a compilation of the trends in ceramics that will be the protagonists this year. It is a mixture of trends that have been carried over from last year and new trends that will turn homes into elegant, vital, sustainable and natural spaces.

Ceramic trends for 2022

Ceramic marble

It is the trend of the moment, ceramic marble, a trend that will continue to be part of renovations and interior design projects in the new year.  Today there is a wide variety of products suitable for floor and wall tiles with a marble finish on the market. For example, in Azulev we have one that transmits joy and elegance at the same time. This product is the Calacatta Gold, pieces that have golden shades combined with grey. One of the most current trends of the moment.

Marble or imitation marble products tend to create atmospheres that tend to be cold, which is why they combine so well with materials such as wood. Both complement each other perfectly in all types of rooms, from bathrooms, to kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, etcetera.

tendencias en cerámica

SImitation wood ceramic flooring

If we are talking about a ceramic tile that has been setting trends for a long time, it is the one that imitates wood. This ceramic has not lost its privileged position in the market. It continues to be used for floors in all types of rooms in the home, including terraces, restaurants, hotels...

The job of companies is to surprise the consumer with new, more natural and authentic textures, such as the Vegas series by Azulev. A wood effect collection with a strong personality designed to break with the established.

suelo cerámico imitación madera

Bright colours

We are coming out of difficult years, full of restrictions, personal losses, financial losses and so on. This situation, brought about by the pandemic, has led us to many things, among them, to re-evaluate the decoration of our offices and homes, where joy and positivity have been sorely lacking. This has led to a massive trend towards the use of bright colours in decorations, colours that are cheerful, positive, healing, meaningful... Materials with colours that create spaces and atmospheres that are both cheerful and elegant at the same time.

It seems that sobriety is being left behind and that the situation experienced since 2020 has transformed the trends in terms of colours. Proof of this are some of the collections we have in Azulev, for example: Colorslim, a series used for coverings with a matte finish, ideal for creating cosy atmospheres with their own personality. With soft but cheerful colours. 

colores vivos

Recycled, reused and sustainable materials

Consumer concern for the environment continues to grow. A concern that influences their purchasing decisions. The trend today is towards a healthy lifestyle, where consumers take care of themselves as much as they take care of the environment in which they live. This is a real challenge for companies to look for more sustainable ways of producing their products, but it is also a great opportunity to adapt to what is to come: recycled, reused and sustainable materials.

One of the products that best represents our commitment is SLIMRECT, a collection available in different textures and colours. It is also environmentally friendly, because it considerably reduces emissions and the amount of waste generated. A product that respects and helps the consumer to reconnect with nature.

Natural and handcrafted aesthetics: reconnecting with nature

This need to reconnect with nature has also influenced the natural aesthetics of products. Products that remind the consumer of natural materials, that seem to be made by nature itself, such as wood or even stone-effect floor and wall coverings, are starting to be prioritised. Raw resources balance the environment.

One of our products with a natural aesthetic is Sandstone, which stands out for its versatility, as it is suitable for both floors and walls. A reinterpretation of quartzite stone that imbues any room in the house with realism and nature.

Estética natural y artesanal: relación con la naturaleza